You are interested in real estate.... Around you, in your building, in your neighborhood, in your family or among your friends, you know someone who has a project to sell his apartment, his house, his workshop, his shop or all real estate....

if corporate (commercial) real estate attracts you, it's simple...

You like to walk through the streets of cities, they are full of shops, premises, building offices available for rent or sale.

These commercial properties are easy to find, they are just in front of you ; , finding the owner who sells or seeks to rent is the beginning of a future transaction with a cash inflow.

This is valuable information that can be very valuable and THEY INTEREST us so let's talk about it.

DLD advice is looking for collaborators men, women, status of commercial agent or in salary portage .....

DLD conseils is also looking for business providers

This research is intended for all people motivated by the real estate professions who want to make it their main activity or in addition to another one

Contact Dominique de la Llave and together we will find the solution that suits you.

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